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Available functions / commands

Special commands
clearclear the screen of old outputs
retreive the previously entered expression
Basic arithmetic
+Addition, x + y
-Subtraction, x - y
*x * y. multiplication
/x / y. division
Trigonometric functions (all arguments in radians)
sinsine, sin(x)
coscosine, cos(x)
tantangent, tan(x)
asinarcsine, asin(x)
acosarccosine, acos(x)
atanarctangent, atan(x)
atan2atan2(x,y) is arctangent of x/y
deg2raddeg2rad(x) converts x from degrees to radians
rad2degrad2deg(x) converts x from radians to degrees
Powers and Logs
expexp(x) exponential, exp(x) = e^x
loglog(x) logarithm base e.
log10log10(x) logarithm base 10
absabs(x) is absolute value of x
powpow(x,y) is x to the power y
sqrtsqrt(x) positive square root of x
Random numbers
randomrandom() gives a random number between 0 and 1
randintrandint(n) gives a random integer in range 0,1,2,...,n-1 (inclusive).
ceilceil(x), "ceiling".
roundround(x) is x rounded to the nearest integer
maxmax(x,y) returns the maximum of x and y
minmin(x,y) returns the minimum of x and y